Case study

Nowadays, among the usual homework in the university, the students get a task of writing a case study. A case study is an individual work of every student and is easier than a coursework. The subject of it can be chosen personally.

The purpose of writing a casework is to explain a point of view on this or that scientific question, to explain its relationship or influence on other areas of science. The ideal would be to defend your own opinion on a subject that is taught, but it is very rare, because it is simply not necessary.

A case study is a clearly structured work. Its mandatory elements are contents, introduction with the designation of the relevance and purpose of the work, the main findings on the theme, and a list of sources.

However, in practice, we often face the fact that teachers place very high demands to writing a case study – a volume of about 25-30 pages, links are required, units, analytical studies, and sometimes even a novelty. In this case, one must understand that though this work is called a case study, but by the requirements and structure it is more suited to a coursework. So, you will agree that not every student is able to fulfill such a task.

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