Article Writing: 19 Easy Steps

There are too many tips you may find concerning article writing. But it does not seem you have to follow all of them. Choose few that fit the most into your writing and requirements.

19 Steps of Creation Perfect Written Article

  1.    First, find the topic and choose the boundaries. Thus the topic must be maximum narrowed and have clearly outlined scope.
  2.    Make a serious research with details and pay attention on all included issues. Did not you forget some of them?
  3.    Read as much material as you can, including treatises, articles, books, etc. The quality of this material determines the quality of future work.
  4.    Try to narrow your topic if it is too broad. If the topic puts no limits you will write heavy text and common composition.
  5.    Making plan is the most important thing in article writing. To create something without it is useless.
  6.    After plan creation, classify all knowledge you have according to it.
  7.    Cut the irrelevant information.
  8.    Do not wait for the inspiration, start writing your text. The inspiration will come later.
  9.    Write the article in clear, plain, and understandable manner. Using a pompous language, obscure words, long sentences do not fit for a good article.
  10.   Your audience is different, so everybody has to understand what you are writing about, purpose, and sentences.
  11.   All terms, concepts, words must be clear to understand in the article. Try to keep an ordinary terminology, dictionary that everybody may understand. If terms and concepts are used wrongly, then the danger exists. Make sure all terms, fruits, frames, keys do not distract the readers’ attention.
  12.   Write the basic purpose and conclusion you would like to reach in the introduction.
  13.   First sentences of every paragraph should include main ideas of the article.
  14.   Do not make spelling mistakes and carefully check it.
  15.   Your article should not be long, it should be long enough. Cut out all irrelevant words and sentences.
  16.   Quote all foreign ideas correctly, for example with footnotes or parenthesis.
  17.   Be very attentive in writing a conclusion. It is not a summary of the article; it is your study that does the contribution in the science, etc.
  18.   Good article is not a repetition of the already existed facts; it is scientific text that contributes.
  19.   After finishing writing you have to send this text to few friends who may check it. Ask them to criticize it. Then change the text if you think it is necessary.

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